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At Brighton Health and Wellbeing Centre, as a group of diverse clinicians who are able to diagnose, treat and prevent health concerns and improve overall health and wellbeing of our patients, together with our caring and supportive team members, we believe in providing personalised, individual care for our patients in and around Brighton and Hove.

Our approach is based on n=1, which means that patients should be given individual experiences in access to treatment as opposed to a one-size-fits-all attitude.

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Really impressed with this surgery since moving here four years ago. Very easy to get an appointment and the nurses especially are so friendly. The receptionists very welcoming and the surgery is bright and pleasant to be in. It really feels like part of the community and a place that is striving for excellence

Deborah Price

2 Mar 2021
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Like all extremely busy NHS services, itís easy to have good and bad experiences and whilst my interactions with BHWC have not been perfect, they have been much better than every other GP Iíve been registered at. The app is easy to use, reception staff have always been pleasant and extremely helpful. As a family, weíve always managed appointments when we really needed them. Ive never had to wait long while Iíve been in the centre and I very much appreciate some of the holistic care weíve been given.


20 Sep 2021
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Dr Hall is an absolute angel, one of the most helpful people I have ever spoken to. Dr OíLeary was also the sweetest and most helpful medical professionals iíve ever spoken to as well! Sometimes speaking to other members of staff can be a bit difficult, and it can be hard to get an appointment but they all try their best and honestly? Extremely grateful for all of them.

Fox (Sp00kyB00gie)

20 Dec 2021

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