Laurie Cannonback

I have a strong interest in sharing the benefits that Alexander work can bring to people of all ages.

For many years I had a business career in industry and the City, spending my time sitting at a desk and often travelling overseas - unknown to me was the toll this was taking on my physical and mental wellbeing. Our posture and movement is unique learned behaviour that is highly individual and often we are unaware of how our patterns of use have developed.

I later trained as an actor, a field where Alexander work is well known and used to ease the responses of tension in the body. Likewise musicians often seek help for painful conditions brought about by fixed and repetitive patterns of movement.

I became fascinated by the concept of the Alexander Technique, seemingly a simple solution to many complex and painful health problems. My three years of training taught me to recognise that the way we move can be changed by conscious attention to our habits, and that this can lead to alterations in how we feel emotionally and physically, as well as bringing relief from pain that many have endured and that some have accepted as normal.

I am interested in working with people of all ages and from all walks of life, to improve their feeling of well being, and to help relieve pain and discomfort they may be suffering.

This work continually helps me in my own life and it is a joy to be able to share it with others.

Outside of my Alexander life, I am a parent, grandparent, actor, tennis player, yachtsman and yoga enthusiast.


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